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Buzz Words article on editing

17 Nov

This article appeared in the November edition of ‘Buzz Words’ – a magazine for children’s writers and illustrators. Interview with Carole Lander For how long have you worked as an editor? Freelance or full-time, and if full-time with which publishing house/s? I’ve been a freelance editor since 2013. I work mainly on educational texts published […]

Prof Tom Shakespeare talks to Carole Lander

13 Jul

Many short-statured people will have heard of Professor Tom Shakespeare who is an English sociologist, broadcaster and disability activist. He came to Australia in 2014 to give the keynote talk at the Australian Applied Disability Research conference hosted by National Disability Services. While Carole Lander was in the UK recently she had the opportunity to chat […]

At school with a disability

16 Feb

Last week I wrote about ways in which the national (Australian) curriculum supports students who live with a disability. This is through the General Capabilities. I mentioned the Personal and Social Capability, but there’s another – Ethical Understanding. In an ideal world we would not need to directed towards ethical behaviour but unfortunately that is not […]

Back to school with a disability

8 Feb

Over the years since the development of a national Australian curriculum began, it has become increasingly easier for teachers to feel supported when they have children in their class who live with a disability. This should be reassuring to parents of those children. The ACARA website has pages of information on how to ensure that […]

Illustrating disability in kids stories

6 Feb

I write stories for children that put disability front and centre. Why? Because when I published a nonfiction book on dwarfism I realised that there are so few kids books where the main character lives with a disability. So I decided to fill the gap. My first book for children is called IN MY WORLD. […]