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DIY Publishing

9 Apr

My book Little People Big Lives was published in 2013. I self-published it because the big publishers wouldn’t take it on. The topic is too unusual ­and not good for sales! The book profiles people who are short-statured (little people) and provides information about dwarfism. While I was going through the process of publishing the […]

Governments & the Disability Sector

18 Nov

I am always pleased when synchronicity steps into my life. Recently there has been some cross-fertilisation between my editing and writing careers. I have been editing educational policy documents that deal with disability –guidelines for teachers who have students in their class who require certain adjustments to enable them to learn effectively. You can read […]

Self-publishing debunked

14 Nov

It’s that time of year again. The decorations are going up in main streets and the city centre. Soon we’ll be hearing Christmas carols over PA systems in the shops. And whether or not we celebrate the season we cannot escape the commercialism of it. Being a self-published author I have resorted to Christmas specials […]

A world of difference

18 Aug

  ARTICLE published in LINK DISABILITY MAGAZINE (October 2014) Angelo Olmi was born with achondroplasia, the most common condition of dwarfism. He works in the organic section of the Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne, where he has no trouble reaching the counter or till because he has undergone surgery to extend the length of his limbs. Olmi […]


3 Aug

My new book features renowned British actor Warwick Davis. It is a collection of stories about people living with dwarfism. Many of them belong to Short Statured People of Australia, whose president Meredith Young agrees with Warwick that this book conveys a positive message about people living with a physical difference. The book also contains […]

Sam Drummond profile

19 Aug

I recently interviewed Sam Drummond who is a producer at 3AW. Sam is a short-statured man who is willing to be profiled in my book Little People: Big Lives. He has had an interesting life with an arts/law degree from Monash University, a burgeoning career in radio and his own music festival  – Feskyval. H has […]