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You need an editor

28 Jan

I have helped many authors with their books and I could not agree more with Donna Ward, writing on the Writers Victoria website, as follows: If you’ve written a whole book and haven’t shown your manuscript to another living soul and you feel it is finished and ready for publication, then take it to an editor. […]

Governments & the Disability Sector

18 Nov

I am always pleased when synchronicity steps into my life. Recently there has been some cross-fertilisation between my editing and writing careers. I have been editing educational policy documents that deal with disability –guidelines for teachers who have students in their class who require certain adjustments to enable them to learn effectively. You can read […]

Editor’s Life Choices

28 Oct

I recently attended a professional development session run by Editors Victoria. President Jackey Coyle led the session entitled Dance Steps for the Self-Employed. There is always something  new to be learned in these workshops and the networking with other editors is invaluable. This is great because freelancers work alone. Not for them the conviviality of […]