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‘Old Ted’ in The Toy Chest Anthology

13 Dec

My story ‘Old Ted’ is published in a new (2017) Prints Charming Anthology called The Toy Chest. My grandson Jude (who lives in Cambridge, UK) is the main character and hero of this story. He used to be obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine and this gave me the idea for the story. ‘Old Ted’ Old Ted […]

Book review on Buzz Words

23 Sep

Published Thursday, 20 July 2017 – Buzz Words In my World: ‘Wheels of Fire’ and ‘The Basketball Tree’ In my World: ‘Wheels of Fire’ and ‘The Basketball Tree’ by Carole Lander, (Checkword Publications 2016) Reviewed by Lucinda Gifford All children whether they live with a disability or not encounter disabled people through school, family and friends. The […]

Anh Doh paints Kurt Fearnley

25 May

Kurt Fearnley levers his body out of his wheelchair and hoists himself into a yellow armchair in Anh Doh’s studio. He tucks his lifeless legs under him and grins widely at Anh who is about to paint his portrait for the ABC series ‘Anh’s Brush with Fame’. Kurt was born with a congenital disorder called […]

Aiming for Perfectionism as a Writer

18 May

This blog is also posted on the Creative Kids Tales website. I recently attended a workshop called ‘The Art of Imperfection’ at The School of Life in Melbourne. The aim of this session was to help perfectionists find ways of seeing that imperfection is often okay! As an editor, I have to be a perfectionist. […]

Developing empathy for difference

30 Mar

The Australian School Library Association has published an article of mine. See how teachers can use my books to the advantage of their students and to comply with the Australian Curriculum. ASLA article_March 2017_empathy

At school with a disability

16 Feb

Last week I wrote about ways in which the national (Australian) curriculum supports students who live with a disability. This is through the General Capabilities. I mentioned the Personal and Social Capability, but there’s another – Ethical Understanding. In an ideal world we would not need to directed towards ethical behaviour but unfortunately that is not […]

Illustrating disability in kids stories

6 Feb

I write stories for children that put disability front and centre. Why? Because when I published a nonfiction book on dwarfism I realised that there are so few kids books where the main character lives with a disability. So I decided to fill the gap. My first book for children is called IN MY WORLD. […]

Developing empathy for difference

10 Sep

‘Mummy, why is that man so short?’ ‘Because he didn’t eat his vegetables when he was a kid.’  The short man who overheard this conversation was Jonathan Tripp. He was born with a condition of dwarfism. While he could see the funny side of the mother’s reaction, it was just another incident in which an […]

My new book is out!

7 Sep

My new book called IN MY WORLD consists of two chapter books for readers aged 7+ between the covers . Both stories have a main character who is a young person living with a disability. Basketball Tree Sam is confronted by the fact that he’s very short (he has a condition of dwarfism) and may […]

DIY Publishing

9 Apr

My book Little People Big Lives was published in 2013. I self-published it because the big publishers wouldn’t take it on. The topic is too unusual ­and not good for sales! The book profiles people who are short-statured (little people) and provides information about dwarfism. While I was going through the process of publishing the […]