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SERVICES OFFERED – copy editing, structural editing, proofreading, styling, content development.

  • Specialist in educational publishing.
  • Books (academic, educational, trade); policy documents; websites and more.
  • Online and hardcopy.
  • Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat PDF markup.
  • Educational, academic and trade publications.

Contact info@checkword.com.au for editing services.


I was having no success pitching my 85,000 family history manuscript until Checkword gave me good advice on restructuring it. Immediately I had better luck and Scholarly Scoundrel is with a publisherJan Worthington, Genealogist and Author



Copy editor – Advice to Teachers: VCE Extended Investigation (for Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority)

Editor – Practice VCE examination paper 2018 (Insight Publications) – Food Studies

Structural/copy editor – Stepping Stones – 50,000 word memoir


Copy editor – Advice to Teachers: VCE Philosophy (for Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority)

Copy editor – Advice to Teachers: VCE Industry and Enterprise  (for Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority)

Editor – Victorian Curriculum: The Arts – Music Curriculum – Sample Units

Proofreader – The Special Deal of a Lifetime (Report) – Catholic Education Melbourne

Structural/copy editor – My Soul is Your Soul – 84,000-word memoir

Copy editor – Advice to Teachers: VCE Visual Communication Design (for Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority)

Workshop on editing for the Funeral Celebrants Association (Victoria) – see: FCAA Professional Development Day Flyer (1)

Editor – Practice VCE examination paper 2017 (Insight Publications) – Food Studies

Copy editor – Oxford University Press UK – The Oxford Handbook of Sovereign Wealth Funds 

Editor – Oxford University Press – Humanities 9 quizzes

Editor – Cambridge University Press – Health and Wellbeing in ChildhoodHealth&Wellbeing cover

Editor – Practice VCE examination paper 2017 (Insight Publications) – Legal Studies

Copy editor – Oxford University Press – Geography worksheets and answers (Year 8)


Editor – Catholic Education Office – Inner City School Provision Report

Copy editor – Oxford University Press UK – Leadership: Practice and Perspectives

Writer/editor – Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority – VCE Drama & Theatre Studies Play list 2017

Proofreader – Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority – VCE exams for special needs students

Proofreader – Catholic Education Office Victoria – Guidelines for engaging volunteers & contractors

Editor – Wiley/Jacaranda Science Quest 7 and 10 LearnON (online/interactive resources)

Proofreader – Oxford University Press – Humanities 8 textbook (Geography)

Editor – Oxford University Press – VCE Psychology Units 3&4 Workbook and Answers

Proofreader – Cengage Learning – Step into Stories (English textbook)

Structural editor – Mind Your Way – Supporting award applications by research scientists

Proofreader – Cambridge University Press – Literacies (textbook for pre-service teachers)

Editor – Practice VCE examinations 2016 (Insight Publications) – English Language, Global Politics, Media

Proofreader – Cambridge University Press – Language & Literacy Development in Early ChildhoodLang&LitDevt_front cover_9781107578623

Editor – VCAA – VCE Examination Reports (wide variety of VCE subjects)

Editor – Oxford University Press – VCE Psychology Answer Book


Editor – Catholic Education Office – 17 school ‘case studies’ on their literacy programs & Number Intervention Guidelines / Students with Disability Guidelines 2017

Editor – Local Government Victoria – website update

Editor – Supporting English as an Additional Language: Transition to School (policy document for VCAA)

Proofreader – SANE Australia website update (www.sane.org)

Editor – Dept of Health & Human Services (VIC) – policy documents for website

Proofreader – Cengage Learning – VCE Psychology Teacher Manual & Student Workbook

Editor – Cambridge University Press – Teaching and Digital Technologies (multi-author book for teachers) – hardcopy and website material

Teaching with digital technologies_9781107451971

Indexer (in collaboration with author Dr B. Johnson) – Chastity in Early Stuart Literature and Culture (Cambridge University Press, UK)

Editor – Drama Australia’s Equity and Diversity Guidelines 

Editor – Catholic Education Office Melbourne – a series of school profiles on the topic of reading

Editor – Practice VCE examinations 2015 (Insight Publications) – Global Politics, Legal Studies, Psychology

Copy editor – 226Strategy – Communications Strategy for their client (an environmental design group)

Editor – Cambridge University Press – Learning to Teach in the Secondary School (multi-author book for pre-service teachers) – hardcopy and website material

Editor – Cengage Learning – Answer Book for textbook – Experience of Nationhood  

Copy/structural editor – Memoir by Noel Butterfield (working title Friends and Foes)

Copy editor – policy documents – Catholic Education Office Melbourne.

Copy editor – Oxford University Press – academic book – Making a Market for Acts of God: The Practice of Risk trading in the Global Reinsurance Industry 


Structural editor – Scholarly Scoundrel – my advice enabled the genealogist/author to find a publisher for the book

Copy editor/writer – BKA website – Sydney architectural firm updating their website

Editor – Practice VCE examinations 2014 (Insight Publications) – Business Management, Media, Food & Technology

Editor, styler & proofreader – Women’s Rights – Senior history book Australian Curriculum (Cengage Learning)

Proofreader – The Victorian Writer – monthly magazine of Writers Victoria

Proofreader – new author’s 80,000 word manuscript Bouncer – Finch Memoir Prizewinner 2013

Structural editor – self-publishing author’s non-fiction book History of the Newhaven Yacht Club

Proofreader – Connect with History Year 10 Teacher Edition (Cengage Learning)

Editor & Proofreader – Practice VCE examinations 2013 (Insight Publications) – English Language, English as an Alternative Language, Studio Arts

Structural editor/Proofreader – Anthology of short stories published by Little Raven


Proofreader – A+ Practice VCE Exam and Teachers’ Notes (Cengage Learning)

Proofreader – iScience 7 NSW Worksheets (Cengage Learning)

Editor – academic thesis (Oxford University D.Phil)

Proofreader – Connect with History Year 9 (Cengage Learning)

Proofreader – Connect with History Year 10 (Cengage Learning)


Sub-editor and formatter –  iScience 8 NSW Worksheets (online) (Cengage Learning)

Proofreader – Teacher Resource Book for HSC Textiles and Design (Cengage Learning)

Online sub-editor/formatter – My French Life website (English language articles)

Structural and copy editor – Acting Smart Drama and Acting Smart Theatre Studies (school texts)


Cengage Learning (educational publisher) – RMIT internship in 2011

Proofreader – iScience 7 and iScience 8 (Cengage Learning)

Voiceover and editor – iScience 7 , 8, 9 and 10 animations (Cengage Learning)

Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA)

Structural editor, copy editor and proofreader for wide range of documents including:

VCE examination papers

Professional development articles for Age and Herald Sun education supplements

VCE curriculum and assessment handbooks

VCAA website pages (Latest News, FAQs, Contact Us + more)

Where to Now? Guide to the VCE, VCAL and Apprenticeships and Traineeships

Return to Study – VCE and VCAL

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